What’s New
The latest features, fixes and news
What’s New
The latest features, fixes and news

The future of Strava is fueled by athletes. Your subscription powers new feature development.

Bluetooth is back – get real-time heart rate on your phone
November 18, 2020

Thanks to feedback and beta testing from the community, we've restored Bluetooth functionality in the app for heart rate monitors, while resolving prior issues that caused the app to crash.

All athletes can now pair a BLE heart rate sensor straight to their phone and track their heart rate in real time during a workout – no watch or cycling computer necessary.

Use it to keep your runs and rides in the right training zones, analyze your efforts post-workout, and for subscribers, gain valuable insight into your performance with heart rate metrics like Fitness and Relative Effort.

Making Routes Better: Behind the Scenes
November 13, 2020

When it comes to using Routes to find suggested runs and rides or to plan your own using the most popular roads and trails, there are millions of underlying data points that help us provide you the best options possible. And on top of those millions, now there are millions more as we've updated our underlying basemap with more roads, trails, and information on surface type and foot/bike accessibility.

Thanks to the literal hard work and sweat of athletes like you, we've been able to add info from 500 million activities from the past year to our basemap, so your routes on Strava are now built on data from a whopping 1.4 billion activities. It also means that 43.8% of all paths now include surface classification so you can distinguish between what's paved and what's dirt, and in total, there are 8.6% more routable paths across the whole globe.

If 8.6% doesn't sound like much, that's about 2.4 million miles of new roads and trails!

Runners, see your all-time PRs and best efforts on your phone
November 6, 2020

Keeping tabs on your best mile time or your fastest marathon is easier than ever. We've added your all-time PRs and estimated best efforts to the app, so you can check them out whenever, wherever. You never know when you'll need to settle a dispute with a friend or jog your own memory.

If you're not familiar with all-time PRs, these are your exact times from a race or other timed event, and you can enter your official result manually on the web. Right now, you can enter your PR for most standard distances from 1500m up to 100 miles.

If you don't have a time to refer to, no problem. Your estimated best efforts are automatically calculated whenever you upload a new scorcher of an activity. These GPS-based times should give you a good idea of your performance when you're not wearing a bib and timing chip. We currently calculate your 1K, 1 mile, 5K, 10K, half marathon, and marathon best efforts.

To see your all-time PRs or your estimated best efforts on your phone, go to your profile and into your Statistics. From there you'll be able to tap on any of your records to see the activity that earned you that personal best – and start planning how you’ll beat it.

New for Routes: Mobile editing, walking routes and more
October 23, 2020

More updates to Routes on your phone are here this week, tackling some popular requests we've been getting.

Number one is the ability to edit suggested routes. You can now move any of the waypoints to tweak or extend routes and make them exactly how you'd like. Just tap into the suggested route you want to change, hit the edit button and follow the steps on screen.

Next up: In addition to cycling and running routes, you can now get suggestions tailored for walking. Try them out next time you head out for a stroll, or use them to get situated when you're somewhere new.

Lastly, we've added a little flair to the map with a small animation. You'll now see each route flash along the direction it's intended to be traveled, so you'll know if the loop is meant to go clockwise or counterclockwise.

Check out all these updates by tapping into the Explore tab on your phone, and be sure you've updated to the latest version of the app.

ºF or ºC? Switch it in your Settings
October 16, 2020

While the ability to change your unit preferences between imperial and metric is nothing new, this used to pair Fahrenheit with miles and Celsius with kilometers – and there are certainly places in the world that do things differently. (Looking at you, United Kingdom!)

To give you more control over the units you see, we've uncoupled temperature from your other measurement settings. So if you'd like to see the distance from this morning's workout in miles yet know how crisp it was in Celsius, now you can. Just go to your Preferences in the Settings menu, and you'll be able to choose your temperature units separately.

You can head straight there with these links:
Phone – strava://settings
Web –

New Graphs for Your Goals
October 9, 2020

The other week, we added goal-setting functionality for all sports and added monthly and elevation goal types. We're following up that subscriber update with another – new graphs for each of your goals so you can track your progress over the long haul.

Check them out on your phone by heading to the Goals screen and tapping the down arrow beneath any goal. You'll be able to see back 12 weeks for weekly goals, six months for monthly goals, and the whole year so far for your annual goals.

Take a look, let us know what you think, and if you don't have any goals set, now could be a good time to give yourself something to shoot for over the coming weeks and months, no matter how big or small.

If you’re in the mobile app, hit this link to set a goal or see your graphs: strava://athlete/progress-goals

Hackathon highlight: #statmaps
October 1, 2020

Here’s a fun feature that’ll add a new kind of athletic storytelling to your feed. Just use one of the hashtags below in your title or description and your activity line will automatically change colors to match your performance data. Only subscribers can add #statmaps to their activities, though every athlete can see them in the feed.

A little background: Three times a year we give ourselves a few days to put down the product roadmap and try something totally different. We call this time “Jams” since it feels like a fun jam session between colleagues who might not otherwise work together. Once in a while, a Jam is so good that we sneak it right into the product – this is one of them! Because of this, we don’t yet have plans for making #statmaps more detailed or feature-rich, and it might not look perfect on every map. But we still hope subscribers find them useful when they have an interesting, epic or impressive activity to share (works on virtual workouts, too!).

Here are the maps to choose from:

#speedmap or #pacemap shows where you went faster and slower
#heartratemap makes the activity line represent your heart rate monitor data
#powermap flexes those watts with this #statmap for your power meter
#elevationmap shows changes in your elevation over the route
#timemap gets darker as time passes, great for showing loop directionality
#gradientmap highlights changes in grade, like climbs, descents and flats
#temperaturemap shows the temperature readings from your device over the activity

Wear a WHOOP? Sync it with Strava
September 25, 2020

We do our best to keep Strava compatible with as many fitness devices as we can, and we've worked with WHOOP to add their 24/7 fitness trackers to the list. If you're using a WHOOP to record indoor workouts, CrossFit or any other activities, now you can sync them straight to your profile so you can analyze them right alongside your rides and runs. You can also save your workouts with a snapshot of your WHOOP strain, recovery and sleep metrics to help show you the bigger picture of your fitness and performance over all.

Check out how to sync WHOOP devices here: https://www.whoop.com/thelocker/whoop-fitness-tracker-strava-compatible/

New! Relative Effort on the Training Log
September 11, 2020

There's another way to slice and dice your data in the training log. Subscribers can now display Relative Effort week over week and for individual activities. This can be handy for comparing your training load across multiple sports when distance, time or elevation isn't an even comparison. A 30 mile run and a 30 mile ride are quite different animals after all.

Check out the updated training log on your phone by tapping the Training tab, or see it on the web under the Training menu.

New! Followers leaderboard for Local Legends
August 28, 2020

Do your friends ever get "crown envy"? Are they plotting to take your hard-earned laurels the moment you start mixing your recovery drink?

When Local Legend battles get personal, you can now keep track of the score with a followers leaderboard. Whether you use it to encourage people you know or to strategize about how to defend your crown, you can check out where your friends stand in the rankings on any Local Legends segment.

We know that showing your effort-counts on segments might not be info you want to share with everyone in your network, so this leaderboard only shows people you follow who also follow you back.

Take a look at this new leaderboard under the Overall Efforts section on any Local Legends detail screen, and see if a friend is seeking your throne or maybe they're already fighting for a crown of their own.

Goals updates: More sports, more goal types and a new view
August 21, 2020

Fresh in the mobile app this week are some much-requested goals features for subscribers.

Update your mobile app to the latest version and you'll now be able to set goals across 30+ sport types – hiking, kayaking, backcountry skiing, the whole lot.

You'll also have the ability to set elevation goals next to distance and time, and you can set your goals on a monthly basis in addition to weekly and yearly.

Now that you can create goals galore, your goal progress has a new view – moving from your profile into the Training tab. Here, there's more space to let you track the status of all your goals at once.

A note on the new view: For those missing their total weekly mileage on their profile as a result of this update, we have a new weekly totals module for the profile screen that'll be coming out next week. We apologize that your weekly mileage isn't readily accessible in the meantime – it's on its way back, with more stats to boot.

We're getting deep into the second half of the year, and now's a good moment to revisit your goals or give yourself some new ones for the coming weeks and months. We hope this added functionality gives you some new marks to shoot for, and remember to update your app if you haven't already to check it out.

What's new with Routes on the web
August 14, 2020

Part of the fun of running or riding somewhere new is planning the route itself. And to that end, we wanted to highlight two recent changes we've made to Routes on the web to help you plot your next adventure.

Open up the Routes feature in your browser and check out a more detailed basemap that includes bike lanes and much more definition around tunnels, bridges and areas where lots of paths overlap to better show what leads where. This additional info can help you make more informed decisions and give you a heads up on potentially tricky intersections.

Oftentimes, the best ideas for new routes come from seeing activities from our friends, and for those, we've made things a little simpler by putting the "Create Route" button straight on the activity screen. So next time you're interested in trying out a friend's run or ride yourself, just click into it on the web, hit the "Create Route" button, and the GPS track will be automatically loaded into Routes where you can tweak it to your liking and save it as your own.

Getting you on the right route, and how you can help us improve
July 31, 2020

We've got two Routes-related bits of news this week. One is about some updates we've made, and the other is about ways you can help make Routes better for everyone.

First up, whether you're finding suggested routes in the app or mapping your own course on the web, we've improved how we determine if an area allows foot or bike traffic. With a new process for combining popularity data with bike- and foot-access info, we're better able to route you on the most favorable trails and roads for your sport.

Access-info doesn't exist for every location, so keep your head up while you're out there and follow any signage or local instructions.

And that brings us to our next bit of news:

Nothing beats first-hand knowledge, and if you do find yourself being routed somewhere you shouldn't be, you can update these areas yourself using OpenStreetMap.

OpenStreetMap is a community-supported mapping service that helps power Routes, and it's free to contribute your edits to things like whether a trail is open to foot or bike traffic or if a road is paved or dirt.

Adjust elevation in the app
July 17, 2020

Watches and cycling computers with built-in barometers often do an excellent job of tracking your elevation. But when the data gets wonky, for whatever reason, it can cause your flat ride to look like an Everesting, or a run on the beach to be at 12,000 feet.

If this happens, you can opt to use elevation info from our basemap instead of what was recorded on your device, and now you can do that in the app as well as on the web.

To recalculate erroneous elevation data right when you spot it: Hit the "..." icon in the upper right corner of an activity you've uploaded, tap "Adjust Elevation", and any elevation data that put you in the stratosphere will be brought back down to earth.

Sync routes to Garmin
July 10, 2020

When it comes to transferring your routes to a Garmin watch or cycling computer, we've streamlined the process between planning and getting out the door. Now when you save any route on Strava – whether a run recommendation in the app, a ride you mapped using Routes on the web or a route you created from an activity – you can sync it straight to Garmin devices that have the Courses feature.

No need to export the GPX file and re-upload it to Garmin – just save the route, make sure you "star" it, and next time your watch or cycling computer syncs to Garmin Connect, your route will transfer over. Any new routes you make are starred by default, so you can even cut that step out. (Just remember to "un-star" any new routes you don't want to send right away.)

Mute athletes in the feed
July 3, 2020

Your feed can be a busy place, and you can make it more your own with different follower options on your phone.

You might already know that you can "favorite" athletes whose activities you want bumped to the top of the list, as well as turn on notifications so you can be the first to give them kudos when they upload.

If you need to quiet things down, we've just added a mute option, too – letting you take a break from seeing someone's activities without unfollowing them completely.

Find these options in the app by hitting the "..." icon in the upper right corner of any activity in the feed, or adjust them from an athlete's profile. If you want to manage all the people you follow at once, head to the connections screen by tapping your own follower count on your profile.

Mobile Training Log
June 1, 2020

Your training log just got a refresh, and it's now available on iOS, Android and the web. See your weekly and monthly activities at a glance, filter by sport type, and display total distance, time or elevation depending on what you need.

Find any of your past activities by scrolling freely through your entire Strava history, or tap the calendar icon to go to a specific month.

In the app, you'll find the training log alongside your Weekly Intensity and Monthly Fitness, which you can use together to help you decide if it’s a good idea to do some bust out some more intervals or if some down time is in order.

Subscribers can find all of these features by tapping the Training tab in the app.

Coming soon: A new way to compete on segments
June 10, 2020

There's about to be a new way to claim a top spot on the roads and trails you know best – the ones where you can visualize every corner, rise and pothole with your eyes closed. Over the next few weeks, we'll be rolling out Local Legends, a new segment competition based on number of efforts rather than fastest time.

Becoming a Local Legend means racking up the most efforts on a given segment over the last 90 days, and you'll be awarded a new, glimmering, laurel crown made of real digital gold for your achievement.

But once you've earned your laurels, you can't rest on them! The 90-day period is a rolling window, measured back from the current day. You'll have to defend your crown if you want to keep it. It'll take dedication, focus and a smart strategy. Sound like you? Then get ready.

An early release of Local Legends is out now in selected states in the US (CA / CO / FL / IL / NJ / NY / TX). Most but not all segments in these areas are currently part of the Local Legend competition, but athletes there can find what segments are up for grabs by using the Segment Explorer in the mobile app. Just switch on the Local Legends filter to see where you can lay claim to the laurels.

If you're part of this early release, give it a go and let us know what you think. We'll be using your feedback to make sure this feature is primed for competition around the globe. And to all other athletes reading, we'll be sending out more details as soon as Local Legends is available where you are!

Local Legends is currently live in these areas:
US: CA / CO / FL / IL / NJ / NY / TX  

Routes on Web
May 29, 2020

Map out your next run or ride from your desktop with the latest upgrade to Routes. The new Routes experience on the web includes preferences for taking the hillier or flatter way to your destination, and you can also select between dirt or pavement – so you can hit nearby trails or stick to the tarmac as much as possible.

Routes is powered by the data of over 3 billion activities, so whichever options you choose, you can gain confidence in your plan by overlaying the Global Heatmap or opting to automatically go the way that other athletes have gone before.

Don’t have time to plan a route yourself? No problem. Routes in the app creates suggestions for you with the same options for surface type and elevation. Just select how far you want to go and you’ll get three different loops to choose from.

The New Strava Subscription
May 19, 2020

We’ve made improvements thanks to your feedback (with lots more planned this year!), and moved a few free features into the subscription to ensure Strava is around for years to come. Here’s the latest:

New features for subscribers
  • A big Routes update, with planning & recommendations on iOS and Android

  • Matched Rides: Analyze performance on identical rides over time

  • See your full workout history with Training Log on iOS

  • Workout Analysis is now available for all activity types

  • Grade-Adjusted Pace (GAP) now on iOS and Android

  • Coming soon: A whole new way to compete on segments…

New subscription features that were previously free
  • Overall segment leaderboards (Top 10 view is still free)

  • Comparing, filtering and analyzing segment efforts

  • Route planning on sckyzn.com, with better maps and support for segments

  • Matched Runs: Analyze performance on identical runs over time

  • Training Log on Android and sckyzn.com

  • Monthly activity trends and comparisons

Recent releases for all athletes
  • “Favorites first” feed settings and the return of the chronological feed

  • Improved impossible effort detection… False KOMs, QOMs, CRs dethroned!

  • Apple Watch uploading and improved sync to Apple Health

  • Recorded the drive 网上理财项目home by accident? New mobile activity cropping

  • All activities now show both elapsed and moving time

  • New or improved analysis of power, cadence and swimming stroke rate

Subscribing got simpler and easier

Lots of new features for subscribers, but prices stay the same! We’ve also simplified our offering to make subscribing easier to understand – we’ve said goodbye to the brand of Summit and splitting subscriptions into Packs. Now you just use Strava for free, or subscribe to Strava for the best of everything we do.

Over 50 updates in 2020 so far
May 13, 2020

Notice something new? We’ve changed our ways of working to deliver the new features, small tweaks and bug fixes that you - our athletes - have been asking for. So far this year, we’ve made 52 improvements, including 4 updates for discovering new routes and 12 improvements to the ways you can analyze activities. We’ve heard your feedback (you’re a passionate bunch) and we’ve finally taken action on 10 of the most requested items in our support forums, including a new algorithm that automatically flags suspicious segment efforts, a tool for cropping activities on mobile and a chronological feed sorting option. We’ve deepened our commitment to creating an awesome experience for athletes on Strava and letting your feedback guide the way. All of this is just the beginning – in the next couple of months we’ll be releasing a whole new look for Routes on the web and some exciting new ways to compete on segments.

You've got the (functional threshold) power
April 25, 2020

A ride you did a year ago might not feel the same as if you did it right now. (Hopefully it would feel easier!) For cyclists who train with power, that's another way of saying your FTP changes over time, and to help you track it, you can now set date ranges for your FTP numbers. So if your FTP a year ago was 200 watts and now it's 220 watts, this means your old workouts can retain the zones and stats for your fitness at the time instead of updating to match your current output. You'll also see your past numbers reflected in your Fitness graph. You can add date ranges for your FTP in your "My Performance" settings on the web. Check it out, and we hope your power numbers keep improving!

A Power-Up for Your Analysis
April 17, 2020

We've made a couple additions to the analysis screen in the app recently. If you haven't come across them yet, here's the scoop: If you have a running watch or cycling computer that records cadence, you'll see a line graph for steps or pedal strokes per minute, as well as your average and max cadence during your activity. Now there'll be no question if you found your groove or not. And for riders, rowers and runners that train with power, there's a new line graph for your watts, giving you a sense of your output at any given time during your workout. This will show up for any activity you record with power, including compatible indoor trainers and erg machines. You can see these updates on both your new and old activities. We hope you'll check them out!

Double time: See elapsed and moving time on your activities
April 10, 2020

Most activities in your feed show "moving time", which captures how long you were running, riding or working out, and not the time you spent between watch pauses or waiting at stoplights. But the total time from start to save can be important too, so we've added "elapsed time" into the app as a new stat on your activity analysis. If you want to see your activity duration door-to-door, including flat tires, shoe tying, bathroom breaks and selfie poses, you can now do that from your phone. One other update for treadmill runs and trainer rides recorded with a watch or cycling computer: We used to show only elapsed time for these activities as it was difficult to get an accurate moving time indoors. If your device has an "indoor" setting or other non-GPS mode, you'll now be able to see both moving and elapsed time – the same as your normal runs and rides.

Check your splits for every sport (even when they’re indoors)
April 3, 2020

Runners might already be familiar with the Workout Analysis feature for recapping your intervals or mile splits, and now we've updated this subscription feature so you can dive deep on any sport. All you gotta do is hit the lap button on your watch or cycling computer to create your splits, and you'll get an interactive bar chart in the app after you upload. Cyclists, see your watts from your hill repeats, or view heart rate if you don't have a power meter. Swimmers, check out your interval pace, and for everyone, Workout Analysis also shows up for indoor activities if you're using heart rate or power data. Right now, many of us are training inside more than ever, so give it a look after your next treadmill or trainer session. You can see Workout Analysis in the app for any activity where you used the lap button on your device.

Find new routes right from your door
March 26, 2020

We know that COVID-19 makes getting outside, let alone exploring, challenging if not impossible right now. But we, like you, have been dreaming of our next adventure. We've released our new Routes feature early for anyone who's able to enjoy it, and so we can learn from your feedback and make Routes better for when these difficult times are behind us. Our community knows the best places to ride and run, and with 50 million of you in total, that's a whole lot of routes – not just the world's must-do roads and trails, but also the easiest ways to get around town and the most bang-for-the-buck workouts from almost anywhere. Routes is designed to help you unlock that knowledge and make exploring easy, even from your front door. Tell us where, how far, hilly or flat, paved or dirt, and we'll create personalized route suggestions based on where other Strava athletes have gone before. Check it out by tapping the Explore tab in the app, and if you don’t already have a subscription to Strava, you can start a free trial from there to dive in. We'll be improving this feature every chance we get, so let us know what you think. And if you decide to head out, please follow your local regulations and put the health and safety of yourself and others first.

Activity Cropping on Mobile
February 21, 2020

Kept recording on the drive 网上理财项目home? Now you can crop your activity right from the mobile app. Just tap into any activity you need to crop and then hit the three dots icon (ie. [...]) in the upper right corner to find the new crop tool. From there, you’ll be able to precisely adjust the start and end times. Clean up those 65 mph KOMs or post-marathon 32-minute mile splits and showcase your activity exactly as it was meant to be.

Apple Watch – make the connection
February 14, 2020

Lots of you have been wanting to get your Apple Watch workouts directly onto Strava, and now, the first version of connecting to Apple Health is ready to go. See your last 30 days of activities, choose which ones you want to sync to Strava, and then title, add photos and edit them as usual. The connection works both ways too, so when you record on Strava, you can automatically send your workout to Apple Health.

What if your hilly run was flat?
February 7, 2020

We can't take the sting out of running uphill, but we can give you more credit for your effort with Grade Adjusted Pace (GAP). GAP is a subscription feature that converts your uphill or downhill pace to an equivalent pace on flat land, and if you've already been using it on the web, you'll be happy to know you can now see it in the app as well. Use it to check if you were keeping steady over rolling terrain, or compare your uphill intervals to flat ones. These are just a couple ways you can use GAP to analyze your next run. Time to hit the hills!

Fresh tracks for skiers and snowboarders
January 31, 2020

If you've swapped out your shoes and pedals for boots and boards, you'll be keen on a couple tweaks we made in our latest round of map updates. These new maps support ski resorts around the world so you can see chairlifts and popular runs, giving you a clearer sense of where you were slashing turns during those storm days. And subscribers can access a new white color scheme to highlight the terrain and add some snowy style to your activities. Give it a look, and try it out next time you're in the mountains.

Your Training Progress, at a Glance
January 18, 2020

Now you can easily access our best training metrics from your phone, all in one place. See your weekly activity count, Relative Effort and Fitness side-by-side. Together, this view offers a summary of your weekly training load across all activity types and can help you identify why you're feeling fast or why you're feeling bogged down. Tap on the Training icon in the navigation bar on iOS and Android to check it out.